Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Calculator Update

So just so you know I was never able to get Apple to accept my calculator.  They rejected it 3 times.  No matter what I did they said the Apple store didn't need another calculator.   It was quite disappointing.  However, I did get it out on the Play and Amazon stores.  I priced it at 99 cents just because I wanted to test how all the payment stuff works.  Not because I expected it to make any real money.   To date I believe around 250 people have bought it on the Amazon store and around 80 on the play store.   So take that Apple.  Some people did want it!  

Now for the bad news.  If I do a google search for the calculator you can find it freely downloadable on many, many sights.  Some look like they are directly sponsored by China.  This is why everyone is putting ads in everything.  Not because it is a better way to make money.  It is because if they don't they don't make any money at all.  It is sad that this is the state of things for Indie app developers.  I see that Corona has some licensing logic that can be employed for  the play store, but not for Amazon.  I will have to look into this some more.  I hate ads.  They basically ruin the game experience in my opinion but maybe that is what we are stuck with if there is no other choice.  Uggg. 

I don't even see how ads might work if the app is loaded in a phone in China.  But that is something else to look into I guess. 

My goal is simple.  I am just trying to make some extra bucks to help pay off college costs for my kids.  So if I can't make any money at all because of these pirate sights then all this effort could end up being a giant waste of time. 

If anyone out there ever reads this and feels like helping just buy this:

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